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Trainings During Covid-19 Outbreak

Right after the Covid-19 outbreak, most of the companies started to work remotely and it was the first time that 100% home office model was applied by call centers and assistance firms. Companies adopting agile structure and sound infrastructure could take rapid action for switching to home office model. Another milestone in home office model was the necessity of sustaining training processes for new recruitments.

Further to the lockdowns enforced during the peak of pandemic, we, as Marm Assistance, completed home office transition of whole training team in only 1 day and achieved a full process and infrastructure of carrying out all the phases from the first day of recruitment to the finalization of orientation and training programs

At the current stage, we are recruiting new team members online, training them theoretically and practically online and then proceeding 100% home office working as a remote and yet closely connected team. Although we are looking forward to coming back to our offices, we will be benefitting from the strengths that we gained during Covid-19 further on.

Marm Assistance remained firm and tuned during the second wave of Covid-19, while keeping the track for the upcoming waves by increasing resilience and serving the customers at our best no matter where we are located.

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