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Still working from home with our motto “We Care About You”.

Right after the outbreak of COVID-19, we implemented our emergency action plans and supported our employees accordingly. We are proud to be able to sustain our work from home since March 2020.

We planned our gradual returning back to the workplace which will be carried out depending on the number of cases. We completed all our precautionary and preventive actions within the office further to our inquiries with medical and HSE experts.

The nature of our business being a 24/7 alarm center implied practicing various implementations, plans and processes for ensuring business continuity. We, as the Human Resources Department could benefit the most out of this challenge, by having the chance to test our response time for change in such conditions.

Changes brought by COVID-19 were mostly faced in our communication channels. We kept in close touch with our employees during working from home by regular town halls on Skype. We were even able to complete the first term of Performance Assessment Process by individual online meetings.

Based on our belief in transparency and close communication, Marm’s constant priority was, is and always will be the health of employees and their families. We will continue being your solutions partner - this time an even more swift partner thanks to the COVID-19 experiences.

Best regards

Human Resources Department


Manager - Human Resources

Duygu Kayaoğlu

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